Joel Edgerton ''dreams'' of being a director like Ridley Scott.

The 40-year-old actor was so in awe of the director - who has worked on 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien' - he admitted he one day hopes to replicate the 77-year-old director's talent in some films of his own.

Recalling their time working together on the film 'Exodus: Gods and Kings', Joel shared: ''[Ridley's] like the hardest working guy, and obviously the most prolific, but the hardest working guy and he had such a 'let's just get to it' work ethic.

''But so incredibly prepared that that allowed him to get to set and just motor through things. And he makes you want to go to work for him, hard. Like he's a great general.

''I can only dream and hope that I could get anywhere close to how decisive he is. And I gather that that comes from years of experience. He just knows exactly how to shoot things. He knows exactly where to place a camera. He makes those decisions on every front so quickly.''

After revealing how the original cut of the film was over four hours long, Joel explained how one scene starring himself and Christian Bale had been removed.

He shared: ''There are a few scenes from memory that are cut from the movie. There's an interesting scene after I'm coronated that is between Christian and I, where I'm staring at myself for a long time in the mirror.

''Ridley was just filming me, being myself!''