G.I. Joe stars Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols have permanent reminders of the film's most explosive action sequences - they were left scarred, cut, bloodied and bruised.
Miller was left with a scarred breast when the spark from an on-set blast found its way into her cleavage and Nichols admits she sat through the new movie's premiere still suffering from her on-set injuries.
Miller says, "We worked really hard and we’re really proud of it. We wanted to give the girls out there a girl fight that was strong and matched the guys with no hair pulling or scratching or biting. We wanted to punch and kick. We both got hurt.
"I got some sparks in my cleavage. Something exploded one time... and I think a spark went off a little too early and found it’s way to my breast. It definitely hurt; I got a scar."
And Nichols adds, "There were raspberries (broken blood vessels) and bruises and scrapes. I burned some hair off. It all hurt, but then you see the fight in the movie and it all goes away. It was all worth it."