Cara Delivingne has landed a ''massive role'' as a mermaid in 'Peter Pan'.

The superstar model has been open about her ambitions as an actress and she will get her first big break when she takes on the role in the upcoming blockbuster adaptation of the childhood classic.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, an insider said: ''It's a massive role for Cara to land considering she is a relatively unknown actress.

''However, she is perfect to play a mermaid as she has a body to die for and is very glamorous on screen. Cara is no stranger to being in next to nothing thanks to modelling so it's unlikely she'll feel self-conscious while shooting.

''It will be quite a demanding role as there will be a lot of underwater work and stunts. Filming underwater could scare a lot of actresses but Cara is definitely up for the challenge.''

Director JOE WRIGHT will be in charge of the new movie, and it is said he is ''delighted'' to have Cara committed to the film.

The source added: ''Joe is delighted t have signed up Cara. He considers her to have real star potential and a big career beyond the catwalk.''