Joe Swash already wants another baby.

The 37-year-old actor and his girlfriend Stacey Solomon - who has sons Zachary, 11, and Leighton, seven, from previous relationships - only welcomed their son Rex into the world in May but the former 'EastEnders' star is looking ahead to the future as the idea of having a daughter is very ''tempting''.

Joe - who has 12-year-old Harry from a previous relationship - told new! magazine: ''I'd really love to have another child. I'm not the one to make that decision, so it's up to Stacey.

''I'm quite a paternal person and I've got a big family and I love kids. We've not had a girl yet, so it'd tempting.''

The former 'I'm A Celebrity... Extra Camp' host admitted he's keen to tie the knot with his 29-year-old partner but wants their home life to quieten down first.

Asked about the possibility, he said: ''There are loads of things going on and we've just had Rex. Once we've settled down and we start focusing on each other, then it's definitely something that will be coming along.''

The couple have been together since 2015 but Stacey recently explained they wanted to take their romance slowly for the sake of their children and now the couple believe they have a successful family set up.

She said: ''We do worry about our children because they're not from a 'normal' 2.4 kid family.

''So Joe and I have been really conscious not to move too fast, and it was only when the kids seemed fully on-board that we thought, 'OK, we can do this.'

''It doesn't mean everything is blimmin' fantastic all the time, but the kids are happy, we're happy, and that's exactly where we want to be.

''We want to be as much of a blended family as we can, and I think it's working.''