Joe Swash felt he ''lost a part of himself'' when he lost his hair.

The 35-year-old presenter had a secret hair transplant years ago because he worried he wouldn't get any work if had no hair and his partner Stacey Solomon has now revealed Joe felt like he had lost himself when his locks started to thin out.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women on Wednesday (29.11.17), Stacey said: ''He wears a hat all the time. He tries to cover it ... I know that Joe had really curly lovely hair and it was a part of his character so when it went, he felt like he lost a part of him. It wasn't just stick a wig on, it was like he'd lost a part of himself.''

It comes after Joe revealed he used to be ''embarrassed'' about his hair loss.

He shared: ''Personally for myself, I had one [a hair transplant] done years ago. It was for myself and something that I wanted to do, to make me feel better. I was on TV so that might have had something to do with it. With the job I am doing, being on TV, I wanted to look my best, which is probably not the best way of thinking about it. It's how you feel personally.

''I did do it a few years ago, so I was probably in a different mindset than I am now. I tried to keep it really secret, I was embarrassed about it and didn't want them to know. But now Wayne Rooney has had it done and he's very open about it and James Nesbitt. No, never regretted it. I think for me it was the right decision. But it's not for everybody.''