'Avengers: Infinity War' director Joe Russo feels it's important that superheros ''feel pain''.

The American film director, who is co-helming the project alongside his brother Anthony, has underlined the importance of giving some human-like characteristics to on-screen heroes in order to make them more relatable.

Joe said: ''We love being told good stories, and we love telling good stories, and all of our energy, and our effort, and our thought, and our passion goes into telling the best story that we can. And for us, the best stories have stakes.

''Characters have to make sacrifices. To really, really feel the true emotion and the hero's journey they have to go through trials and those trails could cost them something.''

Joe feels it's imperative his characters experience pain because it helps to make them more inspirational.

He said: ''For us, its very important that the heroes feel pain and that they make sacrifices because I think that, not only is a great storytelling, but it also is inspiring and I think we need a lot of inspiration in this world right now.

''So, for us, I don't know if we can ever get you to accept it, but I promise you this: we'll do our damnedest to tell you the best story possible, and what you do with it from there is up to you.''

Meanwhile, actress Karen Gillan - who plays Nebula in the Marvel 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Avengers' movies - recently claimed that 'Avengers: Infinity War' will be a ''cinematic event''.

Karen is excited for fans to see the upcoming film and she insisted they will be blown away by what they watch.

She shared: ''I mean, this is so vague but genuinely this is going to be more than a movie, it's going to be like a cinematic event.

''Anyone who is a Marvel fan and knows stuff from 10 years ago will see it become relevant in this. It's like everything that you've known about Marvel is building to this movie.''