American comedian Joe Piscopo is following Arnold Schwarzenegger's example - and running for office as a governor.

The former Saturday Night Live regular, who made a name for himself by playing Frank Sinatra on the hit show, has been asked to run for office in his native New Jersey - and he's considering the idea.

Speaking on CNN, Piscopo insists he's serious about his political ambitions.

He says, "I had some serious people talk to me. We're very concerned about the state. (They're) young businessmen, and I talked to them yesterday. It was so funny, I said, 'Come on, guys, you got to let everybody know who you are.' And they say, like, 'No, we stay in the background, Joe, you know. We believe in you,' and we're friends enough where I'm not beholden to anybody.

"I wrote the jokes 20 years ago, but now it's almost not funny the way Jersey's getting hit... We are so proud of the state... We have so much to offer in this state."

Piscopo is keen to replace standing New Jersey JIM McGREEVEY, who shocked America last week when he announced he had enjoyed sexual relations with another man.

23/08/2004 08:26