AEROSMITH star Joe Perry failed to summon the courage to release his latest solo material, until radio star Howard Stern inspired him to open himself up to fans.

Twenty-one years after last releasing a solo album, Perry penned a track - TEN YEARS - to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary.

Positive feedback and the wise words of shock jock Stern spurred him to add a discful of tracks - and release it for the world to hear.

He explains, "Howard Stern said when he starts twinging inside when he's talking about something, he knows he's hitting a taboo subject and he knows he's doing good radio.

"And I thought about that as far as being an artist goes: I guess whenever you show a piece of yourself that you're a little scared to show or a little sensitive about, you're treading on ground that's actually important for the listener because it's real."

05/05/2005 17:26