Joe Perry says Aerosmith are hoping to release new music.

The 67-year-old guitarist has said that it's just a matter of him and frontman Steven Tyler finding the time to get into a studio together to work on some songs, but at the moment they are both busy with their own projects.

Perry plays in The Hollywood Vampires along with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, whilst 'Dream On' singer Tyler has been busy with his solo music.

Speaking to Yahoo! News, Perry said: ''Steven [Tyler, vocals] and I have talked about it in general, because we both have things going on [Tyler released a country solo album in 2016], but I think there's some time we'll carve in there to get together.

''Even if it's a couple of songs, it would be good to get something new out, so we'll see.''

The 'Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' hitmakers' last release was 2012's 'Music from Another Dimension!'.

Meanwhile, the musician admitted that they've ''outgrown'' inner-band rivalry, despite the rockers - completed by Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer - seeking ''professional help'' in the past to help them get along.

Referring to heavy metal band Metallica's 2004 documentary, 'Some Kind Of Monster' - which revealed the band worked with a ''performance-enhancing coach'' to help the group better understand one another as friends and bandmates - he said: ''That Metallica thing that they did, it was pretty cool that they filmed it and all that, but that was like old news for us at that point.

''Over the years, we've had to seek professional help. We grew up together. We were kids, had this idea to do this, and living in an apartment together.

''You grow up, you know. You have relationships, marriages, kids, so everybody's interests started to spread out, but the vision of doing the band, we still feel that.

''But sometimes it's really hard to reconcile people's differences, so sometimes you're going to talk to somebody.

''We haven't needed that for a while. We should probably be writing books on it now! But I think that's another thing we've outgrown.''