Newlywed country star Joe Nichols was forced to scrap a show in Texas on Saturday night (13Oct07) after revealing he had checked into rehab in a posting on his website. In a move that conjures up memories of fellow country music hunk Keith Urban's substance abuse admission, Nichols told fans he "has struggled with the issue of substance abuse". In the message on his website, an aide wrote, "In order to become a healthier person and deal with long-standing issues, he has entered into a rehabilitation program for consultation and treatment." Officials at the Heart O' Texas Fair in Waco, where Nichols was scheduled to perform on Saturday, were notified late on Thursday (11Oct07) he had been hospitalised and would not be able to perform. The news comes a month after Nichols wed Heather Singleton in Georgia (Sept07). Urban cancelled concert dates last year (06) when he checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in California to deal with his alcohol abuse issues shortly after marrying actress Nicole Kidman.