Joe McElderry has been telling court magistrates in South Tyneside at the fear he felt when a 53 year-old man from Stockport named Ennis MCBride started stalking him and his mother. The Sun reports that MCBride has now been convicted of harassment and been handed a restraining order against the pop star and X Factor alumni, and MCElderry said of the whole situation “I was feeling quite shaken and confused, and a bit creeped out.”
Last autumn MCBride knocked on MCElderry’s door whilst he was having a bath, then went to his old house and spoke to his mother. “My mum sounded very alarmed and distressed and told me to lock the doors” the singer commented. On Christmas eve he appeared again. “My mum rang and said the stalker is back and he’s in Asda” Joe told the court, “She sounded really upset but she was more concerned where I was and if I was with anyone.After that I went and locked the door. We spent the evening writing out our statement when suddenly a police van pulled up and he was put into the van.”
“I felt intimidated that someone would be standing in the dark outside my house and scared because it was Christmas Eve and it was the last thing I wanted to think about” he continued. “I understand that I’m on the public platform and I appreciate the support I get but I don’t think I should be made to feel unsafe in my own home." MCBride has also appeared on the front row during one of MCElderry’s shows.