Joe Jonas wants to move into acting.

The singer has broken his silence following rumours the Jonas Brothers - the band he plays in with siblings Kevin and Nick - have split up after their Twitter account was deleted, although he refused to talk about their future and potential break-up.

He told People magazine: ''I'm not going to talk about that right now ... I think acting would be fun. I would like to [get into that].''

Speculation of the band's demise has been circulating following their social networking profile being taken down, and it is said the rift has come from major musical differences.

Jesse Derris, spokesperson for the boy band - who formed in 2005 - previously said: ''There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big a disagreement over their music direction.''

The 'SOS' trio are still said to be close and on ''speaking'' terms, despite their US tour being cancelled following a major argument.

A source had added: ''It's not a personal fight, it's about the music. They are brothers, they love each other. Yes, they are still speaking.''