Joe Jonas is ''relieved'' now his tell-all article has been released.

The singer wrote an article about growing up for New York magazine in which he told how Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato encouraged him to try marijuana and how he ditched his purity ring aged 20, and he feels much better now it is in the open.

He told ''I feel really relieved actually. I was very nervous releasing it. I hit kind of an anxiety wall where I was like, 'S**t am I about to do this? This is kind of nerve-wracking.'

''But then you just look at it on a different scale. You're like, 'This is my life and this is my story for myself to tell whoever is interested and let them inside the crazy life I've lived!' ''

Joe, 24, also gave away intimate details of his former girlfriend Demi, 21, and her struggles with drug use in the article, but since splitting they remain friendly and she is supportive of what he wrote.

She said: ''I want to commend him for how brave he was. He never was able to share his side of the story, he kept it really quiet. I was going through my stuff, and he got blamed for a lot of it.

''When in reality, I have my stuff and we argue like brother and sister now. It's like, 'Dude, what were you thinking?' But it's all good. I was like, Don't be embarrassed or whatever. I still love you. We're still family. It's all good.' ''