Joe Jonas, the Hollywood heartthrob and lead singer of the Jonas Brothers, was snapped walking in the Sunset Plaza area of Hollywood on Monday (18th August 2011). Wearing dark sunglasses with an 'I Love Rock N Roll' t-shirt, Joe appears to be quietly going about his business, but on closer inspection, the image features another well-known star, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
An individual with a large bushy beard walking directly past the musician is actually Hollywood movie star Shia LaBeouf. Joe's facial expression suggests he recognised the actor, but the pair said nothing to each other as they brushed shoulders in the street. The Transformers star, who genuinely appeared not to have noticed Jonas, was heading to L.A.'s Cafe Med, renowned for its classic pasta dishes. Jonas, who was walking back to his vehicle at the time, was recently spotted dining at the high-end Japanese restaurant Katsuya before attending the premiere of Jesse Eisenberg's new movie '30 Minutes or Less'.
LaBeouf's wild beard can be attributed to his new role in the political thriller 'The Company You Keep', which begins shooting in Vancouver, Canada, next month. The Robert Redford flick also stars NICK NOLTE.