Joe Jonas used to live in a ''haunted house''.

The 27-year-old singer claims to have witnessed supernatural activity while living with friends and revealed that those experiences have led him to believe in ghosts.

Joe shared: ''I used to live in a haunted house. Lots of spooky things went down.

''At night I'd hear people walking through the house and lights would go on and off. I believe in ghosts now, for sure. I was living with friends and we soon moved out.''

Joe has been a star since his teens and the DNCE singer admitted it's tough having to grow up in the spotlight.

Reflecting on the problems of child stardom, he told the Metro newspaper: ''It's a lot of pressure and you have to grow up while there are a lot of eyeballs on you.

''It's not easy having your life put under the microscope and your ups and downs are there for everyone to see. I was lucky to have good people around to help me.''

Despite this, Joe revealed he contemplated walking away from the entertainment industry altogether at one stage.

He recalled: ''There were moments when I thought about hitting the reset button and doing something else.

''I've done acting, opened restaurants, done DJing, but I always come back to music because that's what I enjoy the most.''

But Joe has also developed other business interests in which he can channel his energy.

The singer explained: ''I have a restaurant with two business partners in Santa Monica and we're about to open another one in West Hollywood. We're also opening some coffee shops.

''It's a totally different thing, but it's great to have a creative outlet away from music - it's an artform in itself.''