DNCE frontman Joe was cast alongside actress and model Charlotte MCKinney for the American brand’s spring 17 underwear campaign, and had to strip off to his smalls for the job.

Joe, who has always kept in shape, upped his fitness routine to ensure he was ripped for the photoshoot, but being on tour in the lead up to the photography session meant it wasn’t as easy as hitting up his local gym.

“The Guess campaign was a cool thing to be a part of,” he told Britain’s Metro newspaper, adding, “It was a big challenge.

“You have to do the dieting and training, and I was travelling so much I really had to get on it and not get distracted. I did a lot of boxing training and a trainer came on tour with me. I had to eat a lot of protein because you’re working out so much you burn a lot of calories.”

The hard work paid off though, and Joe’s honed torso went down a storm on social media with his many admirers.

Talking about his first underwear campaign when the Guess photos dropped in January (17), Cake by the Ocean singer Joe admitted he was a little nervous to pose sans clothes.

"It can be a weird thing to be sitting there in your underwear being photographed, but overall I had a blast," he smiled to E! News. "Everybody on set was great."