Joe Jonas enjoyed being objectified in Charli XCX's 'Boys' video.

The 27-year-old singer is seen seductively eating piles of pancakes in the new video and has admitted he relished the role reversal - which was Charli's idea.

He shared: ''Charli reached out to me and came up with this idea.

''I was like, 'Yes! The roles should be reversed. It's about time. Let's just make this like, over the top!'''

Joe loved starring in the video and revealed the pancakes also served as his dinner for the day.

Recalling the surreal experience, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It was just me and a camera crew and a stack of pancakes.

''That was definitely my dinner for the day. It's kind of weird when there's a bunch of people just watching and silently judging you eating a stack of pancakes.''

Meanwhile, Joe recently admitted that a former date once ended up snoozing throughout their whole night together.

The 'Cake By The Ocean' hitmaker is widely regarded as one of the most handsome men in the world, but admitted he couldn't keep his crush entertained.

Joe said: ''That was a true story and it was one of those kind of experiences that you can't make up, right? Like, it was so wild that you can't make that s**t up. It definitely was my worst date and I hope it will be my worst date of all time and nothing crazier will happen, you know what I mean?

''Like, all jokes aside I'm kind of glad that it happened because it makes for a great story, but at the same time, I think I was pretty close to being sent to jail that night. Luckily, one of my most embarrassing moments is also one of my favourites.''