The 26-year-old singer first shot to fame as one third of sibling group the Jonas Brothers. They had a hiatus in 2010 and 2011, during which Joe released his debut solo album Fastlife, before reuniting briefly prior to their 2013 break-up.

Now Joe is back in the charts with his group DNCE, with their single Cake By The Ocean shooting to the top of charts worldwide. And he admits in a new interview that after testing the waters as a solo artist, he's now realised his comfort zone is within a band.

"I did a bit of a solo run but I felt unfulfilled. I feel comfortable in a band," he told the BBC. "Touring with my brothers for years, there's a good feeling looking left or right and knowing you're up there with your buddies. So it's a big comfort for me."

When the Jonas Brothers went on hiatus, Joe decided to forge a bad boy persona. But now he has had time to focus on his songwriting, he is slowly cultivating the image he wants to stick with.

"There are two routes you can take (when you leave a teen pop band)," he said. "You can go down the whole 'bad boy' route. I did that when I was younger - whether through personal actions or my music, but I think I've had enough time to write music that felt natural and wasn't too opinionated."

The song Cake By The Ocean, and the video for the catchy track, is indicative of the fun DNCE have as a band. Enjoying themselves creatively is something that is top of the priority list for Joe and his bandmates Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee.

"For all of us, there were times in our career where we felt boxed in, creatively," Joe explained. "Now we've got the opportunity to be free and expressive. And sometimes that means we'll go crazy and wild."