Joe Jackson broke down in fits of laughter as he tried to spank a young Michael Jackson - because the pop superstar was too fast to hit, according to his brother TITO.
In the years before his death, the Thriller hitmaker told interviewers on several occasions how his father would beat all of his performer children in a bid to make them work harder.
He once explained how he was so scared of his music manager father, he would "regurgitate" with fear when the Jackson patriarch became angry.
Tito Jackson, in an interview with Britain's Daily Mirror, admits that their dad did regularly beat them - but insists it was the normal thing for parents of that era to do.
And the Thriller hitmaker's elder brother is adamant that Joe Jackson's spankings didn't leave a lasting effect on his superstar brother - because he was too fast to receive any proper beatings.
He tells the publication, "Most of the time Michael was so quick my father couldn't hit him. He'd swing the belt and Michael would be over there, he'd swing again and Michael would be over here.
"My father used to just stop and laugh because he couldn't hit him. Michael would just dance around him. My father would get tired and give up.
"From those of us not raised in our generation they might not understand it. You got a big ass punishment or you got spanked for it. That's the way it was."