Joe Goddard Releases 'Taking Over' Ep On 24th June 2013

Joe Goddard Releases 'Taking Over' Ep On 24th June 2013

Joe Goddard releases new EP 'Taking Over' on 24th June via London-Berlin artist collective, party and record label Greco-Roman; a four track EP to reflect the next chapter in his love affair with stinky dry-ice and sticky floors in basements around the world.

The title 'Taking Over' is, as Joe says, "a reference to that moment when the music at a club starts to really hit you, when it forces you to focus on it and the night ahead." Featuring collaborations with Boris Dlugosch and Mara Carlyle, 'Taking Over' is "an attempt to make synthesizers sound nice."

Ahead of the first ever label compilation from the secretive Greco-Roman collective available in July - of whom Goddard is a founding member - it features huge tracks that have defined the label as consistently ahead of the curve. The broad palette of 'Taking Over' is a clear reminder of how Greco-Roman make colourful music because they dance in the dark.  


1) Step Together feat. Boris Dlugosch
2) She Burns feat. Mara Carlyle
3) Bassline '12
4) Taking Over