Girls Gone Wild founder JOE FRANCIS has launched legal action against Sin City casino boss Steve Wynn, accusing him of wrecking his reputation during their $2 million (£1.2 million) gambling debt battle.
The soft porn boss faced charges including theft and fraud in February (11) over the alleged debt owed to Wynn. Wynn sued Francis over the debt in 2009, but he reportedly refused to pay the full amount.
A grand jury had ordered Francis to stand trial, but Los Angeles District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell dismissed the case in September (11) after deciding there was a lack of evidence of wrongdoing on the filmmaker's part.
However, last month (Oct11), a judge in Nevada ordered Francis to hand over the cash - and now he has decided to sue Wynn himself.
In papers filed in Los Angeles Federal Court on Tuesday (01Nov11), Francis claims the casino tycoon ruined his reputation during the case.
He is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.