Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas has slammed Liv Tyler's claim she inspired him to write SHOWGIRLS. The Lord Of The Rings actress alleges Eszterhas was so taken with her portrayal of a stripper in Aerosmith's CRAZY video, he begged her to appear in the flop 1995 movie, which starred Elizabeth Berkley. But Basic Instinct writer Eszterhas has hit back in his new book THE DEVIL'S GUIDE TO HOLLYWOOD: THE SCREENWRITER AS GOD, claiming he has never even spoken to the actress. He writes, "Liv Tyler did an interview in which she said she was the inspiration for Showgirls. She said I had become obsessed with her after seeing her play a stripper in an Aerosmith video. "She said, 'He tried to get me to take the lead in the movie, but I didn't want to get into that kind of thing.' It was news to me. I'd never seen the Aerosmith video, I'd never met or spoken with Liv."