Filmmaker Joe Carnahan is adapting his 2002 crime drama Narc into a new Tv series.

Studio executives at Paramount Pictures have tapped Carnahan to write and direct a pilot for a small screen show based on the movie, which starred Ray Liotta and Jason Patric as police detectives trying to solve the murder of an undercover narcotics officer.

The project is one of a number of Tv adaptations Paramount bosses are working on - they are considering turning Jim Carrey's hit 1998 comedy The Truman Show into a series too, while they have also joined the Tv version of the Terminator action franchise, which is already in development.

Paramount executive Amy Powell says, "We have three buckets of content we're looking at, and one of them is intellectual property the studio, which has been around for over 100 years, owns.

"These are not just movies we've produced and released, but screenplays and articles and novels we have."