'Bad Boys 3' has a new title and release date.

The long awaited sequel has been pushed back to January 2018 as Sony is yet to confirm a start date for shooting.

Deadline has reported that the studio has also revealed that the follow up to the first two buddy cop action/comedy films will now be called 'Bad Boys For Life'.

The original films starred Will Smith, as Mike Lowery, and Martin Lawrence, Marcus Burnett, who are two pals and detectives in the narcotics division of the Miami Police Department.

The first film, released in 1995, charts the duo's battle to recover $100 million of seized Mafia heroin stolen from a police vault before their department gets shut down.

'Bad Boys II' appeared in 2003 and finds the duo investigating the flow of highly-potent ecstasy into the Miami, and although it wasn't received well be the critics the film went on to make $270 million worldwide.

Smith, 47, and Lawrence, 51, will reprise their roles as drug cops Lowery and Burnett and Joe Carnahan - famous for 'The A-Team' - will direct.

The delay in getting the film to the big screen has been blamed on a number of issues, including Smith's hectic schedule.

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of the original two films, also revealed back in April that the script for the third instalment was still being written.

In spite of all the difficulties getting the third movie to cinemas Sony reportedly also has a fourth instalment on its books and plans to release that film in 2019.

Will Smith can currently be seen on the big screen in 'Suicide Squad' in which he plays expert assassin Deadshot.