Beloved former child star Jodie Sweetin was once so high on drugs she stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated by her estranged husband - according to her ex-best pal. The ex-Full House star - a former methamphetamine and alcohol addict - recently declared herself clean and sober after her husband Cody Herpin alleged she had suffered a relapse in her recovery.
But Sweetin's former best pal Michael Fashion has revealed all about her drug escapades - alleging that one night of cocaine-fuelled excess almost ended in tragedy.
Fashion tells the National Enquirer, "Jodie was in a coke-fuelled haze, and stopped breathing several times. If it hadn't been for her husband resuscitating her, there's no doubt in my mind she'd be dead right now."
According to Fashion, Sweetin went off the rails after an argument with Herpin over her drug use - and then drove off, before crashing a Hollywood Hills house party where she nearly overdosed on cocaine.
He adds, "When Cody and I arrived at the house, we found Jodie passed out in a bedroom. She was barely coherent, and she'd vomited in the adjacent bathroom. Cody began rubbing Jodie's arm to wake her. She opened her eyes and said, 'I love you. Do you still love me? I'm so sorry for all of this.'
"Then she started having convulsions. Her chest stopped moving, and her face began to turn blue... Cody started shaking Jodie and yelling, 'Wake up, Jodie! Wake up!' But she wasn't breathing. He immediately started pushing her chest and, miraculously, she started breathing again."
And Herpin has confirmed Fashion's version of events, saying, "It was a night I'll never forget."