Actress Jodie Sweetin has blamed her estranged husband for landing her in court over unpaid property fees - accusing Cody Herpin of failing to pay the bills on their California home.
The former Full House actress is facing a lawsuit from her Home Owner's Association over claims she owes over $1,185 (£817) in dues, late charges and fees relating to her Corona, California house.
Attorneys working for the Sycamore Hills Community Association filed the suit against Sweetin in the smalls claims court last month (Apr09).
But Sweetin has hit back at the suit - insisting she moved out of the residence last year (08) following her split from Herpin.
She claims to have been living with her mother, leaving her former partner to look after the house they used to share.
A representative for Sweetin tells Radar Online, "Jodie moved out of this house six months ago and has been living with her mother ever since. He was supposed to pay all the bills on the house, and he was supposed to get a job, but it looks like he isnt doing either of these things. He hasnt worked at all since he latched onto Jodie. Hes like a guy who got married and never worked and now wants money and custody."
The former couple - who legally separated in November (08) - are currently fighting for custody of their 12-month old daughter Zoie.
The lawsuit will go to trial on 14 July (09).