TV producer Jeff Franklin purchased the San Francisco house in May (16) for $4 million (£3.2 million). The property was built in 1883 and was originally selected by him to be featured in the show when it started its run in 1987.

He is planning to have the home remodelled so he can shoot scenes for the new Netflix reboot Fuller House at the pad for the 30th anniversary of the show next year (17), and now actress Jodie Sweetin, known for her longtime role as Stephanie Tanner on the programme, has revealed Franklin is aiming to transform the house into a proper tourist attraction - complete with the cast members' handprints in the backyard.

Sweetin told U.S. cookery show The Chew she and her co-stars immortalised their prints during a visit to the home last week (02Dec16), as part of their press tour to promote the new second season of Fuller House.

"We did a whole big event at the house, put our hands in cement, and they're gonna make little flagstones out of that in the backyard," she shared. "Jeff's gonna do some really great stuff at the house and he wants to turn it into the sort of, Full House (version of) Graceland (Elvis Presley's former home-turned-museum)."

The actress admits returning to the San Francisco building was a strange experience, because it appeared to be so much smaller than it was when she was a child star, filming there.

"The house is so tiny...," she laughed. "It is your typical San Francisco house: beautiful on the inside but super narrow, super tiny little (rooms)... We've crammed so many people into that house...

"This (visit) was weird because it was like, I know the front of this house, I know those doors, I walked in and I was like, 'Wow, I don't know any of this at all!' But it was really fun."