Jodie Marsh wants to adopt a sheep due to be slaughtered.

The devoted animal lover already owns a total of six dogs, Jeff, Wendy, Rosie, Ralph, Louie and Marshall, but wants to add new animals to her menagerie.

Instead of picking up another pooch, Jodie wants to save a woolly animal from ending up at the butchers.

Writing on her Twitter account on Wednesday night (15.03.17), she said: ''I could rescue a sheep from slaughter? Not like, break in but you know...''

Jodie is also interested in adding some more unusual animals to her Essex home.

The 38-year-old former glamour model is keen on owning some South American alpacas.

She tweeted: ''I would quite like a couple of alpaca as pets.''

Jodie has a history of rescuing pets as four of her dogs were re-homed from rescue centres, the most recent being her beloved Rottweiler Ralph.

And her fans were in support of her latest rescue mission, one tweeted in reply: ''OMG you could do a huge sheep rescue mission and then re home them All at your house The happy sheet sanctuary (sic).''

Meanwhile a male fan offered Jodie a tradeoff - a supply of JST Jodie protein shakes for an alpaca.

He wrote: ''Got a pal who keeps alpacas!!! Ain't even joking!!!! Maybe we can have a deal ?? Protein shacks for alpaca?? Haha (sic).''

Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid which resemble small llamas and are best kept in pairs or flocks.