Jodie Marsh would break her celibacy vow for a lesbian fling.

The 37-year-old glamour model recently declared she had given up sex after recently splitting from husband James Placido and doesn't think she'll be getting between the sheets with another guy any time soon as she's been ''put off men'' by her past experiences.

She said: ''If I was to have sex anytime soon it would probably be with a woman rather than a man. And that's the god's honest truth because I'm so far put off men at the moment by experiences in my life.

''So, I would probably rather try being with a woman who's kind and soft and gentle.''

The TV star admitted she thinks her celibacy vow is a ''waste'' because she is ''so good'' at sex.

She said in a video posted on YouTube: ''I am good at sex actually. I don't do it much. I was celibate for five years, and I'm celibate now. It's actually a waste because I'm so good at sex, but I'm not actually having any.

''I'm wasted. Everything you see here is wasted, wasted. Because I should be having sex because of how good I am at it. But I don't want it unfortunately, with anyone.''

Jodie previously gave up sex for four years before meeting James - who she split from in April after just eight months of marriage - and has insisted in the past it was the ''best thing'' she could have done.

She said: ''I was single and celibate for a long time before I met him but he was worth the wait.

''Being celibate is the best thing I've ever done - it sorted the men from the boys.''