Jodie Marsh has had laser eye surgery to correct her vision.

The 38-year-old documentary maker has worn glasses since the age of 11 but has finally traded in the specs for ''20/20'' vision after undergoing the procedure at Optical Express opticians in Bluewater, Kent, South East England.

Excitingly writing about her new and improved eyesight, she posted on twitter: ''So I had my laser eye surgery at @OpticalExpress and I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!! I've worn glasses since I was 11. I was -5.50 & now 20/20 vision!

''I can't believe it. I was so scared of laser eye surgery but each eye took less than 40 seconds and @OpticalExpress were amazing. My left eye took 38 seconds and my right eye took 35 seconds. It's that quick and now I can see perfectly!! Thank you @OpticalExpress (sic)''

And the former glamour model treated herself to a shopping trip after the speedy procedure.

She tweeted: ''The added bonus of having it done at @OpticalExpress was I had it done at Bluewater so I went shopping after. Haha x x x (sic)''

Jodie - who finally divorced her husband James Placido earlier this year - seems keen on improving her body recently as she has spoken of her plans to add a tattoo to her extensive inked body, this time with a tribute to her dogs.

She said: ''I have no idea how many tattoos I've got now. Will I get more? Yes! I've got a portrait of my Rottweiler Ralph's face on my leg and I'd like all of my dogs' faces made into a leg sleeve. Is a 'leg sleeve' a thing?''

''I know some people don't get tattoos but I love them and I always will. People ask me if I regret having them, but I don't regret a single one.''