Jodie Marsh thinks being single is ''bloody brilliant''.

The 40-year-old star - who split from her boyfriend Wayne Lennox earlier this year - admitted that she's much happier now she isn't in a relationship and insisted not having a partner is ''more fun'' as she can focus on her ''own happiness''.

Writing on her 'My Crazy Life' blog, she said: ''Not only am I happier being single (I've tried having relationship and I don't like them/haven't found a nice man) but also because so many people seem to think they HAVE to be in a relationship to be happy and it's simply not true.

''As much as we probably all want to find that rare and beautiful thing that is true love. It's actually bloody brilliant being single! It's more fun, you have more freedom and money, you can focus on your own happiness and career AND it's far less work being single.''

The model broke it off with the director after finding out he had fathered three children with three different women and not two kids by two partners as she had been led to believe, and urged fans to end any potential toxic relationships.

She wrote: ''I realise that some of you reading that one may be in a relationship but really it's aimed at making single people feel better about their status (and possibly help someone in a shitty relationship to walk away)''

Jodie took to Instagram last month to slam Wayne and confessed she feels ''dirty'' about the lies, saying she ''feels sick'' whenever she thinks about the situation.

She wrote: ''I'm feeling better about it all, I just feel dirty and like I need to take a bath in some bleach. Can't wait for this feeling to go away. Literally, feel sick whenever I think of what's happened my skin hurts from cringing but at least my skin isn't grey and wrinkly and I look and feel healthy and have a full set of teeth (or veneers Hahahaha) (sic)''