Jodie Marsh's pet pooch Rosie has been given the go-ahead to return home - but she needs to defecate first.

The 39-year-old bodybuilder's Rottweiler was rushed to the vet last week, when she started vomiting violently, and although Rosie has come through the worst of her health problems, she still needs to take a poo before she's given the green light to return home.

In a series of Twitter updates posted earlier on Monday (29.05.18), Jodie started by explaining: ''Rosie has lost 3kg in weight but the vet is hopeful as she seems to be keeping food down now. I'm so happy she seems to be on the mend. If she can come off the IV then she can even come home!! Will know more later x x x [sic]''

Jodie subsequently revealed that Rosie was set to return home, provided she was able to poo without any further complications.

She wrote: ''Rosie update. She can't come home today but she is definitely looking better. She still hasn't had a (poo) so we are waiting for that and also she's still on IV line. As soon as they are sure she's functioning normally she can come home & I give meds orally at home ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can come home tomorrow x x x x [sic]''

By contrast, Jodie explained that Rosie was in a ''critical'' condition last Thursday (24.05.18).

The British star revealed that although her canine pal hadn't been sick for ''some hours'', she still wasn't able to eat.

She shared at the time: ''Rosie update. She hasn't been sick for some hours which is a good sign but she's refusing food still. Until she eats and keeps it down she's still critical. Waiting on more blood tests today (they're running them every day to check all her levels).... [sic]''