Jodie Marsh's pet dog Rosie is seriously ill.

The 39-year-old ex-glamour model had to rush Rottweiler Rosie to the vets after her beloved mutt spent all of Monday evening (21.05.18) violently vomiting.

Jodie was hoping that the animal medical experts would be able to give the puking pooch something to make her better but the canine's condition is now ''critical''.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star posted on Twitter: ''Really worried about my rottie Rosie, she was projectile vomiting all night and I had to leave her at the animal hospital. Finally got to bed at 3am & back up at 7am. She's about to be sedated to have scans. Am hoping it's just a tummy bug & not something more sinister.

''Rosie is now critical. I'm going to visit her. The vet is very worried. She's been tested for all dog diseases and everything came back clear. [sic]''

The team at the vets have concluded that Rosie has eaten something which is poisonous to her and Jodie has been wracking her brain as to what it could be and is fearful that someone may have poisoned her on purpose.

She tweeted: ''We don't know what it is but looking like something she ingested/poison/toxic ?! I'm out of my mind with worry ... There's nothing in my garden that's harmful to dogs & she hasn't eaten anything on walks. So we are trying to get to bottom of what it is. Will keep you all updated. Thanks for your lovely messages. It means a lot. I'm so scared for her. I can't lose her ... It's not any kind of bite, it's not ticks, it's not anything anyone has suggested so far. She's now got heavy diarrhoea and lots of blood in it. My fear is poisoning of some kind... [sic]''

Animal lover Jodie has several pet dogs and cats with some of her furry friends being rescued from shelters.

The tattooed beauty was left heartbroken in July 2017 when her beloved bulldog Louie, her pooch pal for 11 years, died after a period of ill health.