Doctors have had to put cocaine up Jodie Marsh's dad's nose as part of an operation.

The 38-year-old TV star took to Twitter on Friday (24.08.17) to reveal her father was undergoing a ''minor operation'' and as part of the medical procedure the illegal narcotic was going into his nasal passages to seal the blood vessels.

Writing on the social media site, she shared: ''Oh my goodness, my dad is having a minor operation today and they are going to be putting cocaine up his nose to seal the blood vessels ...

''They have said he will test positive for the next 5 days for cocaine ... this feels so weird. My dad on coke??!!!! Hahaha (sic)''

And when someone accused Jodie of taking drugs herself, she fired back to insist she has never even tried it.

She told the Twitter user: ''Actually mate I've never even tried it. I'm VERY anti drugs and always have been. I was of the Leah Bretts era & think drugs are for mugs.''

And her auto correct left her facing another set of backlash from other Twitter users when she made a typo when referencing the late Leah Betts, a schoolgirl who died in 1995 after taking Ecstasy.

She added: ''My auto correct basically ruins everything I type. I know it's Leah Betts - my autocorrect changed it but thanks to all spelling police (sic)''

Meanwhile, Jodie has been celebrating as of late after being granted a Decree Nisi from James Placido.

She wrote: ''Decree Nisi came today. Excuse me while I dance from here to Barbados and back...... Wahoooooooooo BEST DAY EVER. Halfway to divorce!..

''Tonight I be celebrating... I will throw the mother of ALL parties when that happens. And I will dance naked in my kitchen... Haha good choice.

''After the party I'll go to Norfolk house hunting... I don't drink really but I've bought the best bottle of champagne today. And I'll be having a cheers to my life being awesome & FREE...

''Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. Mine will be the day I get my Decree Absolute... Actually, I'm lying.

''The best day of my life was the day I met a baby orang-utan. True story. I cried tears of happiness.... (for 4 hours!)... Partners are overrated. I'd rather have no one to answer to & be able to do what I like, when I like. Haha #independance (sic)''