Jodie Marsh's pet pooch has stopped vomiting but is still ''refusing food''.

The 39-year-old former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate was forced to rush her Rottweiler named Rosie to the vets earlier this week after she began vomiting violently, and she has now revealed that whilst Rosie hasn't been sick for ''some hours'', she's still in a ''critical'' condition as she isn't eating.

Posting on Twitter on Thursday (24.05.18), Jodie wrote: ''Rosie update. She hasn't been sick for some hours which is a good sign but she's refusing food still. Until she eats and keeps it down she's still critical. Waiting on more blood tests today (they're running them every day to check all her levels).... (sic)''

Jodie believes Rosie was poisoned by something she ingested, and says she's now heightened security on her property as she is ''worried about the possibility'' of ''poisoned meat'' being thrown into her garden.

She added: ''...Neighbours can't (or won't) tell me what poison they put down and the pest control guy in the area is not picking up his phone. Had a dead poisoned rat on my drive only 4 weeks ago so still worried about that but can't get answers...

''... still also worried about the possibility of poisoned meat being thrown over fence too. Am now having the two weak spots on my property sealed off so dogs can't get near them. Going through CCTV too but it's a long long process. Just want Rosie to get better....

''We're all doing all we can to treat Rosie & also to try & find out what caused this. Got lots of support from friends which is helping. In times like this you really do find it how much love there is. I'm so grateful x x x x (sic)''

Earlier this week, Jodie was concerned she might lose Rosie, after she responded poorly to treatments.

She wrote: Rosie update. Just got back from vets after a long visit. She's really sick. Blood coming from both ends. She can barely even lift her head up. I am praying with everything I have that she will pull through whatever this is. I can't even think straight at the moment x

''Just spoken to vet again & Rosie is worse than ever. Still heavily vomiting & diarrhoea & they can't get it under control. I'm like a zombie today. Can't focus on anything. Can't even go see her as they are aggressively treating her & she can't have visitors while they do this (sic)''

Animal lover Jodie has a menagerie of pets at her some, including several pet dogs and cats with some of her furry friends being rescued from shelters.