Jodie Marsh has never cheated on a partner.

The 39-year-old former glamour model has had a string of lovers including Katie Price's ex Matt Peacock, 'The Only Way is Essex' star Kirk Norcross, 'X-Factor's Frankie Cocozza and Blue star Antony Costa - whose manhood she mocked for being less than impressive.

And last year, she divorced her ex-husband James Placido last April after just one year being married, but claimed she has always been faithful.

Jodie - who also had a romance with female hairdresser Nina - wrote on her personal blog: ''I don't agree with cheating. I've never cheated on anyone. I've been cheated on and I've had men lie to me and pretend they were single (their sorry arses got dumped the second I discovered they'd lied) but I have NEVER been in a relationship and cheated.

''My philosophy is that if you're even LOOKING with lusty eyes at another person (or thinking pervy thoughts about another person) then you should be single.

''So any time I've been with someone and started to get a wandering eye, I've ended the relationship. I don't mean a small appreciation for another human's good looks; I'm talking about that naughty feeling you get when you fancy someone and your genitals get a bit tingly.

''Perving over Alexander Skarsgard in 'True Blood' while your other half sits next to you on the sofa is perfectly fine (and even tingly bits, or 'vagina butterflies' as I like to call them, are allowed because there's like, no way in hell he's ever going to be available to a mere mortal).

''No, I mean when the 'just looking' turns into the thought in your head of 'I wonder what they're like in bed' or 'I want to kiss them' - THAT'S when you should just be single.

''And I know we're all different but that's just how I've always been. I'd rather end it with someone than ever risk cheating on them.

''Plus, if I'm that bored of them that I'm thinking about someone else it generally means I've gone off them anyway (which includes any bedroom activity).

''If I'm really into a man I'll never get bored of what happens in the bedroom with him; if I find out his mum still cuts his toe nails I'll definitely go off him and hen every part of the relationship will suffer until I pluck up the courage to end it.

''On a side now: I HATE dumping someone - I'd rather BE dumped than have to dump someone. My God, it is THE worst feeling in the world having to tell someone you no longer want to be with them. (sic)''