Jodie Marsh loves seeing herself naked.

The former glamour model thinks she is maturing ''like a fine wine'' and is enjoying the body she has ''worked hard'' to achieve.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''I've got mirrors everywhere in my house, and when I look at my body naked in them I love what I see.

''I'm 34 now and I've worked hard to get this fit and healthy. I feel sexy and I'm not worried about ageing. I think I'm like a fine wine or mature cheese - I'm getting better with age.''

Jodie has been inspired by her own anti-bullying work, along with her body-building, to make herself ''feel beautiful''.

She added: ''Now I look in the mirror and I do feel beautiful. I'm not trying to promote plastic surgery, but the two procedures I have had changed my life.

''Because of the bullying I had a nose job, and afterwards I felt stronger. I thought, 'You can say what you want to me now, but I'm not ugly''.

''I had breast surgery when I was 29 I had an uplift and had them filled out, and I definitely prefer them now.''