Jodie Marsh has slammed Essex Police for cancelling their meeting about her ''complaint against them''.

The 37-year-old star is embroiled in a row with the South East England constabulary after she was arrested by officers over harassment charges in relation to text messages she sent to her estranged husband James Placido and was due to meet with cops on Thursday (01.02.17) to discuss her grievance but they dropped out at the last minute.

The former glamour model and documentary maker unleashed her frustration on Twitter, raging: ''Today Essex Police were supposed to be meeting me to ''deal with'' my complaint against them. They've just cancelled. They've not only inconvenienced me but also my parents who had taken time off to be here with me ... If my feelings towards Essex Police could get any lower; they just have. (sic)''

When one of her concerned followers wrote: ''Well, maybe they had real crime to deal with, which is good surely? Keep us posted x.(sic)''

Prompting an angry Jodie to reply: ''Yes you would hope so. Although I've reported 4 real crimes in as many years & they haven't even bothered to follow it up! X.

''Ps. That's also part of my complaint ... arresting me in such a vile way for texting my own husband yet ignoring me when ... I have photo evidence of real theft and other crimes. It's insane x X.(sic)''

Jodie was arrested and charged with harassment when she contacted James about money she says is owed to her father but the charges were dropped in November, and she faced no court hearing for the alleged offence.

And she has on separate occasions accused her ex of delaying their divorce proceedings by not signing the appropriate paperwork.

Replying to a fan, who said back in December they wanted to marry her, Jodie wrote on the social media site: ''I'm still married unfortunately. I'm awaiting papers being signed. Someone doesn't want to let me go UNFORTUNATELY (sic)''