Jodie Marsh's dog has died.

The 34-year-old star is devastated after her 11-year-old bulldog Paddy was put to sleep and ''died in her arms''.

In a series of emotional posts on her Twitter account, she revealed: ''My heart is broken. Today my baby boy Paddy had to be put to sleep. He died in my arms being kissed & cuddled ... I'd had him 11 years since he was an 8 week old baby. He has been my best friend, the one big love of my life. Faithful, loyal & loving ... Anyone who has a pet will understand how much you love them & how devastated you are when they go. #heartbroken (sic)''

Jodie posted a number of photos of Paddy on her Twitter page, including one of her giving him a ''high five''.

She tweeted: ''Paddy doing his famous high five. #RIPpaddy my heart is well & truly broken x x x (sic)''

The reality TV star described Paddy as the most loyal friend in her life and admitted she is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her beloved mutt.

She added: ''I feel like I've had Paddy all my life! I can't describe the loss & pain I feel. I don't want to keep being depressing but I'm broken x Can someone make this pain go away? ... Of all the arsehole humans who have hurt me over the years, Paddy was the consistent joy in my life, loving & loyal & always there for me... (sic)''

Jodie - whose ex-boyfriends include DJ David Doyle, 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Kirk Norcross and Matt Peacock - also praised the vets who had to end Paddy's life.

She tweeted: ''I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the staff at @HillParkVets Harold Hill. They were amazing. Kind & compassionate #RIPpaddy x x Especially the two vets who came to my house today to put him to sleep. They were so kind & caring. It was the hardest thing I've ever done (sic)''