Jodie Marsh's sick pet pooch Rosie is home and well.

The 39-year-old star's Rottweiler was rushed to the vet last week, when she started vomiting violently, but after being in a ''critical condition'' at one point the poorly pooch is now at home with Jodie and her other pets.

Rosie had been the suspected victim of poison which severely affected her digestive system but the mutt has been able to have a healthy poo which has made her 'mum' very happy.

In a series of Twitter posts, Jodie shared: ''Rosie is home! Aaaaaand I have massive news for all those following #PooWatch - Rosie has just had her first poo!!!! and it's normal & solid!!!! Me, my parents and @daverainbird just cheered and danced round the garden when she did it!!! Hahahaha. I'm SO happy!!!!

''Never before have I been so happy to see a dog do a poo hahahahaha I'm literally jumping up and down with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooooo #PooWatch

''Rosie is doing so well. She's taking all her meds and eating well. I'm so happy. The vets were amazing and so was my lovely reiki lady. I honestly thought I was going to lose her at one point. The relief I feel that she's on the mend is immense! [sic]''

Jodie doesn't yet know what it was that Rosie ate to make her so sick but she's not going to fixate over what might have happened as she's just so pleased to have pooch pal home.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant has secured any ''weak points'' in her garden for safe measure.

She tweeted: ''We're still waiting for toxicology results too. Vet isn't too hopeful that it'll show anything as there are literally hundreds of things that are poisonous, everything from household cleaning stuff to food types & actual poison. We've tested for as many as we can ... All I care about is getting Rosie back to full health anyway. I won't allow myself to fixate on the poisoning as it'll stress me out. I might never find out what it was. I just feel so happy that she made it. I can't put into words how much I love all my animals x x x

''Over my property there were only 2 ''weak'' spots where someone could throw something over the fence so I have now secured those (or rather my dad did haha) so my dogs can't go anywhere near them. Still going through CCTV too but it's a long process... [sic]''