Jodie Marsh keeps ''wet wipes'' by her bed as she can't stand ''the mess after sex''.

The 38-year-old bodybuilder - who last year declared herself as asexual, meaning she has no sexual attraction to others - has let her fans in on a very x-rated secret about her sex life, as she admitted she hates how messy the deed can get, and loathes having to lay in a ''wet patch'' after she and her partner have finished.

Speaking on Talk Radio, she said: ''I can't bear the mess after sex. It's not because I don't like sex, but I don't want to lay in a wet patch after. I don't want sticky stuff all over me. When I was in relationships I had a pack of wet wipes by the bed.''

It isn't the first time the beauty has shared an in-depth look into her sex life either, as she previously revealed she declined the chance to star on the behind-the-scenes TV show 'Through The Keyhole' because she didn't want host Keith Lemon to stumble across her vast collection of sex toys.

Speaking to Keith in a YouTube video last December, Jodie said: ''Before I got married to the fella I married that was a mistake, I was celibate for five years.

''I loved it. I'm celibate again now, because I just like it. I don't want any willies near me. I'm just nothing, I'm asexual. I just like people.''

At that point, Keith asked Jodie whether that meant she was forbidden from having sex with herself.

She cheekily responded: ''No you can do that.

''That's why I didn't ever want you coming around here and doing 'Through the Keyhole', because I didn't want you finding things in my house.''

Jodie's period of celibacy came to an end when she became engaged to James Placido, whom she married in August 2015 and split from in April 2016.

Speaking after splitting from James, she said: ''I'm not going to talk about the disaster that was my marriage other than to say that I'm very embarrassed. It wasn't worth breaking the celibacy for.''

Since their split, Jodie has vowed to continue her sex-free life.