Jodie Marsh has claimed she was arrested in an early-hour morning raid on Wednesday (27.02.18) after she allegedly texted her ex-husband James Placido

The 39-year-old former model has slammed officers after they allegedly barged into her home at 4am to detain her after she sent a series of messages to her former spouse - who she divorced last April after 20 months together - about money.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote in since-deleted tweets: ''If I had shadowed the pair of men who arrested me (a small woman) at 4 o'clock in the morning by barging into my house I would have thought the same as I do now, that they are a pair of t***s who are power crazed. Terrible how they can't arrest real criminals these days. Shameful as well... Oh didn't you know??? They're too busy arresting ME for texting my own husband asking for money he owes my dad.. (sic)''

It's not known what the outcome of the arrest was but it's believed Jodie has been released from police custody as she has since returned to her social media sites.

Jodie and James tied the knot in Barbados in August 2015 after a short time together - even though she has since claimed she ''never fancied'' her ex-husband or ''wanted to have sex'' with him - but things turned sour almost immediately after.

Last summer, Jodie said she was desperate to move house because, even after stepping up security and having her loved ones doing ''shift work'' to be with her at all times, she is still terrified of bumping into her ex.

She said at the time: ''In my opinion he wasn't a nice or safe person to be around at all. I am genuinely over the moon to be rid of him.

''Put it this way - the day I kicked him out I had a security system installed in my house, which covers every inch of my property. The following day, I had razor wire put on the outside perimeter and on top of all the fences

''I already had eight CCTV cameras. I now have 24. That gives you an idea of how I feel... I was worried things could happen to me and my animals... I have someone staying at my house nearly every night of the week. My family and friends do shift work. It's ridiculous. To be nearly 40 and scared to be on your own in your own home is a horrible way to live your life. I want to move away, but it's not something I can do right now. I think the fear will stop when I finally move.''