Jodie Marsh and her boyfriend Kirk Norcross are the talk of the celebrity world this week, after starring in a bizarre naked photo shoot. The couple show off their tattoos in the raunchy shots, which have already been the subject of mockery on Twitter.
Strangely Marsh - who now enters bodybuilding competitions - says boyfriend Norcross is too young to really get serious with, telling the UK's Sun newspaper, "I'm always snogging Kirk, and while he wants it go further, I'm not putting out for him". Jodie now claims to be celibate, though says women can't get enough of her muscly physique, saying, "Girls love my body. I've got a lot of lesbian followers who tell me I'm hot.In fact, I've had a lot of marriage proposals from women!" As for whether she sees herself with a woman, Marsh mused, "I would never say never to anything. I'm quite fearful of men because I've had lots of bad experiences. If you can appreciate a sexy woman, then why not?"
As mentioned, the couple's Union Jack themed photo-shoot has been mocked on Twitter, with one user asking, "Cringe! Is this the tackiest photoshoot ever?", while another said, "I'm sorry but anyone who thinks that Jodie Marsh is attractive needs to re-evaluate their life". However, it was Twitter user Daisy England who summed things up, telling followers, "Please tell me Kirk Norcross and Jodie Marsh are joking? I just threw up in my mouth".