Jodie Marsh has ''always'' wanted a Rottweiler, despite being ''scared'' of the breed prior to owning one.

The 37-year-old glamour model - who has a total of six dogs Jeff, Wendy, Rosie, Ralph, Louie and Marshall - has admitted ever since she was a child she wanted to own a pet pooch and up until she brought home her second oldest furry friend, Ralph, she was still petrified of him.

Speaking to K9 magazine about her pets, the television personality said: ''I have six dogs altogether, four are rescue dogs and two I've had from puppies.

''Ralph is a Rottweiler and is the second oldest, I've had him for a little over a year now.

''Although I'd always wanted a Rottweiler before I had Ralph I was still scared of them. Stupidly because I know because I've had dogs all my life and know a lot about them, but because I'd never had a Rottweiler I was a little wary of them. I mean if I saw one at the park I'd steer my dogs away from it because you do have this misconception about them, in part I think because they're so big.

''The very first day Ralph came home with me he was in the kitchen and I'll never forget, I had a couple of friends there that day and all three of us were scared of him.''

And the star has revealed she wasn't the only one who was fearful of the new addition to her furry family, as her father, John, refused to look after the ''bloody great big'' dog.

She explained: ''I'll never forget something my dad said. I hadn't consulted my mum and dad before getting him and when I'm away filming in America for my TV show it's my mum and dad who look after my animals and basically they move into my home to take care of them.

''I'll always remember telling them saying 'Oh by the way I've rescued a Rottweiler' and my dad said 'right, well, let me tell you now I will not be looking after your dogs when you go away. Do you think I'm going to come and live in that house with a bloody great big Rottweiler?' and he said 'I will not do it.''''

Meanwhile Jodie, who had her home burgled last year, has revealed her Rottweiler acts as a ''brilliant guard dog''.

She said: ''Ralph is the best all round dog I think. He's a brilliant guard dog, he's so protective and he wouldn't let anyone in my house if he didn't know them but equally, he's the most loving, soft, dopey dog in the house.''