EMMA B, the British former glamour model, has revealed she has been bullied for the way she looks after following Jodie Marsh into bodybuilding. She admitted to Now magazine, "People said I looked old and like a drag queen.It really hurt and I cried and for hours".
Explaining her decision to start weight-training and building muscle, the mother of two explained, "I wanted to lose the 4st I put on during pregnancy. I was 9st 2lb before and I'm 5ft 9in.So I began training for a half-marathon and someone in my gym mentioned these competitions, which are massive in the US and Europe". After putting in the work to make the competitions, Emma B says she loves her body but regrets having her breasts boosted, saying, "I don't like my boobs. I think that getting them done at 22 was a mistake.If I could give any advice to young girls it'd be: 'Don't get a boob job'. One day you'll be 32 then 42. I don't want to be a 50-year-old woman with massive tits!". The public have predictably made comparisons between herself and Jodie Marsh - who also ditched the world of glamour modelling for bodybuilding. Emma sees no rivalry between the pair, saying, "But I'm a bikini competitor, which is more about being toned and fit than building muscle. I'd never have the discipline to do what she's done and that look isn't for me".
Just last month, Emma took part in the Bikini category at the UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships in Bedford. Jodie, 33, was also in attendance, competing in the Body Fitness class.