Jodie Foster is loving the feeling of having another person's anterior cruciate ligament in her knee.

The 55-year-old actress suffered a serious skiing accident earlier this year, and Jodie - who is still using a cane to help her walk - has admitted she's enjoying having had another person's ligament surgically inserted into her damaged knee.

During her appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Jodie was asked whether her injury is the same one she was seen sporting at the Academy Awards in March, and she replied: ''It is, yes. Ski accidents ... when you play basketball and you ski, you end up having one of these.''

Despite the seriousness of the injury, Jodie hasn't been discouraged from returning to the slopes.

In fact, the Hollywood star cannot wait to return to the slopes once she's fully recovered from the accident.

Asked whether she'll go back to skiing once she's healed, Jodie told the TV host: ''Yeah, I've got a little titanium, a little cadaver, just a combo...''

However, Jodie admitted that she didn't enquire about whose body her new ligament was taken from.

She joked with Jimmy: ''I'm not asking. I'm really gonna not ask.''

But when she was asked whether she considers the idea of walking with the help of someone's else body part to be weird, she replied: ''I don't know, I kind of like it, is that wrong?''

Meanwhile, Jodie recently revealed she believes the relationship between a mother and son is partly romantic.

The actress has two boys - Charlie, 19, and Kit, 16 - and Jodie believes mothers can feel for their sons the same kind of love they feel for a partner.

She explained: ''I would say that one of the aspects of a mother and son relationship that is so interesting to me is how romantic it is.''