Former child star Jodie Foster has warned her kids CHARLES and KIT they will have to work hard if they want to follow her lead and launch an acting career.

The Oscar-winning actress, who played a child prostitute when she was 13 in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, is worried her two sons, aged six and four, harbour acting ambitions.

Foster insists she would only consider helping her boys if they proved their commitment.

She says, "Well, it (acting) is not something I'd bring up. But if they begged me a lot and if they were really interested, I think I'd say, 'I've heard there's a great theatre group down the block, maybe if you got interested in that.'

"I wouldn't stand in their way, but it would depend on their personality. I don't think it's the healthiest relationship to have with your child, to be involved in their professional life. It worked out well for me, but I've seen it not work out many times."