Jodie Foster credits film-maker Martin Scorsese with firing her passion for acting, because she didn't rate the profession before she starred in his hit movie Taxi Driver.

Foster, who found fame as a child star, decided against a movie career aged 13 - until Scorsese persuaded her to star as a child prostitute opposite Robert De Niro.

And the actress, who has since won two Oscars, is thrilled she didn't turn her back on Hollywood.

She says, "That movie was a big eye-opener, I'd thought acting was unimaginative stuff. You know, somebody gives you a script and you say it as naturally as possible. It didn't seem like a very challenging profession to aspire to.

"Then on Taxi Driver, for the first time, I was asked (by Scorsese) to create a character, and working with Robert De Niro, I suddenly felt like I was doing something really significant.