Jodie Foster experienced dog trouble when she made her acting debut as a young child - because her canine co-star refused to pull her pants down as instructed.

At the tender age of three, the Oscar-winning screen star appeared in a commercial for Coppertone suntan lotion, and she can still remember the dog's reluctance to pull at her trousers - even when she had food in them.

She says, "They tried to get the dog to pull down my pants over and over and over again, but he was not doing it. So they just had to cut to the (animated) advertisement. They put treats in my pants (to lure the dog to pull my pants down).

"But I will say this though - the original Coppertone girl on all of the posters had a little bikini top on and I refused to wear the bikini top.

"I had a little tantrum and it was on a houseboat and my mom wanted to throw me off the houseboat. So now the Coppertone girl doesn't have a bikini top, so (I'm) kind of a revolutionary - the topless suntan girl."