Hollywood star Jodie Foster has become the latest celebrity to lay the blame of Lindsay Lohan's recent legal troubles at the feet of her parents. Foster, who originally found fame as a child actress in films like Bugsy Malone and Taxi Driver, believes Lohan wouldn't have behaved so outrageously if she had been brought up to respect the law. Speaking in American magazine Gotham, Foster says, "Can I just ask, where is her mother? I mean, really, where is her mother?" She adds, "When I was their age, there were no big 18-year-old stars... Now, we want the 17-year-olds so we can bleed them for all they're worth and squeeze as much money as we possibly can out of them - and then their career will be over in something like three years." Lohan is currently in rehab after she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Santa Monica, California and nearby Beverly Hills in May. She has been sentenced to serve a day in jail.